Pronunciation Wizard
English Pronunciation Tutoring System
Pronunciation Wizard is an interactive and easy to use English pronunciation tutoring system for Windows.  It puts all of the best techniques of a master pronunciation tutor right on your desktop.  Pronunciation Wizard combines Professor Leonard Balazer's years of successful English pronunciation tutoring experience with state of the art Windows PC multimedia.  The result is an unmatched teacher of clear, understandable English.
Forty carefully designed English pronunciation lessons include more than 700 videos, many of which use automatic still image technology.  Automatic still images allow detailed study of the mouth, tongue and teeth positions required for good English pronunciation.  It works by showing still images of the key points in a pronunciation video, and then highlighting each still at exactly the correct point in time during the video playback.  An example is shown in the picture below.  Watch live examples in action in demonstrations.
Pronunciation Wizard is works like a real live pronunciation tutor.  For example, you may choose to listen to any of the lesson text, read to you slowly and clearly by Professor Balazer.  As you listen to the audio, the matching text is highlighted on your screen.  Using your mouse, you are in full control of what text will be read.  It's easy to move to any part of any lesson, to pause, or to repeat exactly whatever you want.  And remember, this is NOT a computer generated voice, it is the voice of Professor Balazer himself, with all the clarity and detail of correct English pronunciation that his voice provides.  Watch examples in demonstrations.
Of course even the best multimedia tutoring software is only as good as the tutor himself.  Fortunately, Pronunciation Wizard provides you with one of the best.  Leonard Balazer brings to you his many years of successful English pronunciation tutoring experience, deep knowledge of language, sound, and voice, as well as a real passion for understandable English pronunciation.

Leonard Balazer is a native speaker of American English with degrees in physics and engineering.  It's his combination of tutoring experience and knowledge of language, sound and voice sciences that inspired the powerful techniques taught in Pronunciation Wizard.  His techniques include many that are not understood by
other teachers, such as the value of proper airstream techniques and that many teachers speak English too quickly for students to understand.  Pronunciation Wizard emphasizes airstream techniques, and ALL of the dialog is spoken slowly and clearly.  Some of the science that inspired his techniques is complex, but the techniques themselves are easy to understand.  Learn more about Mr. Balazer's insights and techniques in Topics.  Also see more about his background in About Us.

All registered owners of Pronunciation Wizard will receive two free written English pronunciation evaluations from Professor Balazer.  These evaluations are performed personally by Professor Balazer based on the student's recording of a carefully designed evaluation script.

Professor Balazer's extensive background in teaching English Pronunciation to native Japanese speakers inspired him to create a special version of Pronunciation Wizard designed especially for Japanese speakers.  Pronunciation Wizard: English for Japanese Speakers is customized throughout every lesson to specifically address the special challenges native Japanese speakers face in pronouncing clear, understandable English.  Learn more in Products.
and as often as you like.  Since all of the software and lesson materials are stored on your computer, text, images, audio and videos are displayed instantly without any delays.  This advantage is part of what makes Pronunciation Wizard such an interactive, responsive system.  Learn more in Products and Purchase.
Pronunciation Wizard is delivered to you on CD, ready for very easy installation on 
any Windows PC (Windows XP or later).  Besides all of the advantages Pronunciation Wizard has over simple video tape systems, it has many advantages over Internet-based systems as well.  Pronunciation Wizard does NOT require an Internet connection.  All of the lesson materials (more than 400MB) are stored on your own computer(s) for use at any time